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You can see a demonstration of Inventor Tolerance analysis in action on the Autodesk Inventor YouTube Channel:

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    EZtol for Autodesk Inventor was released last month. If you'd like to see it in action stop by booth E859 at the exhibit hall at AU7567. More information is also available at .

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  • Amit P 9 роки тому Just take the average of Max and Min

    While no official engineering standard covers the process or format of tolerance analysis and stackups, these are essential components of good product design. Tolerance stackups should be used as part of the mechanical design process, both as a predictive and a problem-solving tool. The methods used to conduct a tolerance stackup depend somewhat upon the engineering dimensioning and tolerancing standards that are referenced in the engineering documentation, such as American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) , ASME , or the relevant ISO dimensioning and tolerancing standards. Understanding the tolerances, concepts and boundaries created by these standards is vital to performing accurate calculations.

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    Why +/- 8 Sigma total addition to dimn 8 and why not +/- 6 sigma total.???

  • Amit P 9 роки тому +8 This is because it is statistical tolerance. So it is based on acceptance criteria or more precisely quality criteria. As for an example,
    > If you require the blocks to be ±.558 (±6σ), the blocks will pass inspection % of the time. 867,866 defects per million.
    > If you require the blocks to be ±.556 (±7σ), the blocks will pass inspection % of the time. 95,555 defects per million
    > If you require the blocks to be ±.559 (±8σ), the blocks will pass inspection % of the ,755 defects per million
    and so on. That is why 6 sigma is the best for quality. But it totally depends on the parts you making man. Not always 6 sigma is required.

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  • Passive Aggressive Negotiator Рік тому and some times there isn't a tolerance at all it just has to manually be made a certain size.

    Saves time as Tolerance Analysis does not have to be done in other software or programs.

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    Worst-case tolerance analysis is the traditional type of tolerance stackup calculation. The individual variables are placed at their tolerance limits in order to make the measurement as large or as small as possible. The worst-case model does not consider the distribution of the individual variables, but rather that those variables do not exceed their respective specified limits. This model predicts the maximum expected variation of the measurement. Designing to worst-case tolerance requirements guarantees 655 percent of the parts will assemble and function properly, regardless of the actual component variation. The major drawback is that the worst-case model often requires very tight individual component tolerances. The obvious result is expensive manufacturing and inspection processes and/or high scrap rates. Worst-case tolerancing is often required by the customer for critical mechanical interfaces and spare part replacement interfaces. When worst-case tolerancing is not a contract requirement, properly applied statistical tolerancing can ensure acceptable assembly yields with increased component tolerances and lower fabrication costs.

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